Zoo Visitors Torment Silverback Gorilla Until He Smashes Through The Enclosure

  • A kid was videoed beating her chest at a gorilla at a Nebraska zoon.
  • The angry silverback ran towards the glass and hit it so hard that it cracked.
  • The video captured the terrifying reactions of the family rushing out of the room

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It was a happy moment when a family was on a trip to the zoo. The girl was beating her chest at the silverback at a couple of gorillas who were standing across the glass.

Although the girl was having fun, the silverback was not amused at all.


The large animal had had enough of the situation and decided to do something about it. All of a sudden, he came running towards the onlookers.

Playful: you can see the small girl beating her chest at the animals across the glass enclosure. Cross: However, the other gorilla in the background was not happy about what was going on.


Sprint: At this moment, the silverback made his mind to do something about the situation. So, he rushed towards the glass.

Heavy: The 400-pound animal hit the glass with full force breaking it in a flash. Then the gorilla ran towards the glass and hit it with so power that cracks appeared on it right away. In the meantime, the family ran out of the room to save their lives.

The footage was recorded at Omaha’s Henry Doorley Zoo. In a few days, the video got over 100,000 viewers. The person who recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube said that a few moments before the incident they were telling the kids that the gorilla won’t be able to break the glass. He said that the kids will never believe them again.

The girl who was beating her chest was crying after the incident. They added that they had come back to the spot a few moments later, and the workers requested the visitors to stay away. Horror: you can see the terrified reactions of the family in the glass when the gorilla launched an attack.

Impact: The gorilla hit the glass so hard that the family had to run for their lives.

Size: Mountain gorillas of this kind can weigh up to 220kg.

Male silverbacks can weigh up to 220 kg when they hit the age of 40. Mountain gorillas are on the list of endangered species. Fortunately, Henry Doorley Zoo has been famous for the gorilla breeding program it has been working on.

Another great thing about this zoo is that it raised the world’s first gorilla test tube baby in 90s. Today, the zoo has the biggest gorilla sperm bank across the globe.