VIDEO: Hunter Killed and Eaten By The Bear He Kept In A Cage At His Home

Caged: The brown bear escaped it enclosure and attacked its owner and ate two of his dogs

Russian hunter Sergey Grigoriyev was eaten all the way to the bone by a brown bear he kept in a cage in his garden.

Sergey Grigoriyev was eaten to the bone by the bear, named Vorchun or Grumbler, he found as a cub and raised on his plot of land

The bears name is Grubmler and it attacked him in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia.

Mr Grigoriyev's 'skeletal remains' were found by police who went to his house after his family reported him missing and the wild bear was on the loose

Sergey’s skeletal remains were found after police searched for him when he was reported missing.

Police Officers had no choice but to shoot the wild beast dead after it escaped into the wild.