Trophy Hunter Eliminates A Baby Elephant Then Gets Attacked By The Entire Herd

Trophy hunting is a sport that divides social groups. On one hand, you have animal lovers and those who want to protect fauna from hunters. On the other hand, you have hunters who see slaying animals for their heads as a noble pursuit, one steeped in tradition that needs to be upheld. But common between most hunters and naturalists is that the young should not be harmed in order to ensure that species are not wiped out by the activity.{width}

The animals themselves, have common values with humans when it comes to protecting young as we see in the video below as a group of trophy hunters take out the wrong young elephant. The video, shot in Nakabolelwa Conservancy in Namibia shows two hunters about 100m away from a herd of beautiful African elephants.

Namibia, being a poverty-stricken nation relies on whatever tourism it can to help build its economy. As such, nature parks like that open its doors for the world’s money waving right and famous to come to hunt its native animals. Heavy management is required to ensure the herd survives, but animal rights need to be kept in mind as well. One of the trophy hunters discharges his rifle at the herd, hitting one of the younger elephants.

The herd scatters with the injured elephant running frantically away from the hunters as they discharge more rounds. The remainder of the herd regroup and begin a charge towards the hunters and the camera. As the hunters flee, tragically we see the young elephant keel over in pain, hitting the deck. Some of the other elephants run toward it while the rest continue their charge.

The yell at the herd to try to deter them, but then realize that they are going to have to leg it if to remain alive. But a charging elephant can run at speeds in excess of 30 kilometers per hour and the fiat hunters are not going to outrun them. Check out the distressing footage here.