This Is What Happens When 7 Lions Surround A Porcupine

We all know that lions are some of the most powerful predators out there. These big cats can take down much bigger animals when they head out to hunt. They can kill a lot of animals, such as buffaloes, stags, zebras, donkeys, and goats, just to name a few.

This time we have brought the story of an amazing encounter. It involves one prey and 7 male lions. You may be thinking the encounter might not have lasted more than a few seconds, but you need to think again. This is not what happened.


This small prey has a lot of luck and experience under her belt. She taught a lesson to the lions that they would never forget.

Most tourists don’t like to head out in the private game reserves at night. However, on safari, It’s great to have an amazing bush experience by driving at night. As a matter of fact, tourists can have a lot of interesting sightings that they can enjoy during the day.


The reason is that some animals don’t get out during the day. They can be seen only at night when they get active and look for food. For instance, porcupines usually are seen at night. Hennie Bekker, a 36-year-old director at Private Kruger Safari saw and recorded this encounter on his camera when he was on a night drive in the park. After his tour, he contacted and narrated the whole story, and presented the video as well.

They started their journey in a South Easterly direction. First of all, what they found was only small game. There spotted no big animal on their way except a jackal that was walking near their vehicle.

They wanted to go back when they heard a rattling sound all of a sudden. This sound gave them some hope that they would be able to see something interesting.

To find out what that sound came from, they looked around. A few meters away, they spotted 7 young lions surrounding a small prey. There was not much light. Hennie aimed his torchlight at the lions to find out which animal that was.

It was something black. When they looked closely, they found out that it was a porcupine surrounded by a pride of lions.

Hennie was eager to find out what the lions were up to as he had visited the Kruger Park many times, but didn’t have the opportunity to see those big cats trying to kill a porcupine. Therefore, Hennie got excited to see the big cats interacting with this small porcupine.

In fact, it was an amazing experience to see how the 7 lions were finding it a hard nut to crack to take down the porcupine. Whenever one of the Lions attempted to hit the prey with its paw, the porcupine would turn his back towards it. This kept on happening for a few minutes. At last, the Lions gave up realizing that they won’t be able to get anywhere. So, the game ended.

Then the lions drank water and disappeared into the darkness. The porcupine was lucky enough to see another great day in the park.