Terrifying Moment A Circus Lion Snaps On A Four Year Old Little Girl


Circuses are great, apart from the clowns. The institutions of family fun and laughter are still in vogue around the world having been booted in popularity by the likes of Cirque du Soleil. Gone are the creepy hula hoppers and men on stilts. In, are amazing contortionists and daring acts at stomach-churning heights. But also gone from most of the world’s circuses are live animals.

This is largely due to public outcry at the conditions under which these animals are kept and the way they are trained and treated. But as we see in the clip below, animals are still used in Russia. Whilst they may still be popular, circus animals like bears or lions are still wild and unpredictable. These traits have come to the fore in an unfortunate incident where a 4-year-old girl was attacked by a lioness in front of a packed house. Ksenia was waving a flag excitedly as the lion performed. Her mother had taken her eye off the ball, letting her run up, right the fence.


The lioness, distracted and perhaps spooked by the waving, pounced over to her, clawing at her and biting her on the face. A member of the medical team who treated the 4-year-old, Valentina Pavlova had this to say: medical team “There is a bite on her face that goes from ear to chin. An eyewitness said her mother had allowed the girl to get close to the safety net and wave a banner.

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The lioness reacted to this and with its paw, pulled the child inside into the arena and sank its tooth into her head. The Circus team pulled the lioness away and brought the girl to the Central Republican Hospital She is now in a stable condition, there is no danger to her life.” But who is to blame for the attack? Edgard Zapashny, director of Big Moscow state circus said:


Terrifying Moment Circus Lion Snaps On Four Year Old Child At Live Show

“I firmly believe that the blame lies with the owner and director of that traveling circus, the lioness’s trainer and on the adult who came with the child and let go of her while being in the front row.” Check out the crazy footage of the terrible attack here: