‘Pablo’s Escoburgers’ Criticized For Selling Burgers With White Lines Of Powder On Top


Pablo Escobar is one of the most controversial and ruthless human beings in human history.


Known as the king of cocaine and a hero to many, but if you mention him in Columbia people will quickly get offended and angry as they’re the ones who suffered at his hands.



So you could imagine the backlash when a restaurant called ‘Pablo EscoBurgers’ opened up in Australia.

You can order the Patron burger, which is your run of the mill burger except it’s topped off with a line of white powder which looks a lot like cocaine on the top.


And of course it’s finished off with a fake $100 American bill.

You can also buy the vegetarian burger, which comes with salt encased in a white baggie that, again, looks very much like street cocaine. Oh, and there’s a spoon waiting inside. Check It Out: