Man Tries To Take A Selfie With A Wild Bear And Loses His Life

A man looking to up his Instagram followers count was mauled on Wednesday as he attempted to take a selfie with a wild bear he spotted in the wilderness. Here’s the story from the uploader of the video:

“A tragic incident occurred on Wednesday, May 2, when Bhatara drove people from the wedding ceremony from Kotapad to a small town in Papadakhandi at the wheel of a minibus. On the side of the forest road he noticed a very limp bear and decided to examine his wound, and at the same time to make a selfie with a predator.”

“Warnings of passengers about the danger of such fun the driver missed the ears, but after a couple of minutes bitterly regretted it – the tortured bear quickly knocked the approaching Bhatara to the ground and began to tear to pieces. Only the employees of the environmental department managed to drive the beast away from the bloody body, but the driver was no longer required to help – he died from the injuries he received. Nothing is reported about the fate of the bear.”