Lion Spots A Leopard Feeding In A Tree And Attempts To Jack Him!

Graeme Mitchley recorded this incredible sighting of a lion climbing up a tree to snatch a piece of the leopard’s prey.

Graeme Mitchley, 47, who is the Deputy Principal of Hurlyvale Primary School came across this encounter when he was close to Lower Sabie in Kruger National Park.


He was watching a leopard on the other bank of the river. The leopard was walking slowly to keep himself hidden. Since the bush was thick, Graeme was losing visual. Therefore, he didn’t try to take a photo or record the sighting and kept on following the beast. He wanted to enjoy the sighting.

He saw a herd of impala nearby and noticed that some of the impalas had spotted the lion. After the next few moments, dust was flying everywhere and all of the animals were running violently here and there. When the dust cleared a bit, he saw the lion dragging a buck towards a nearby tree.


He needed to change my position to record the lion again it moved towards the tree. So, he moved his car to record the scene. Suddenly, he noticed something was moving in the river water. He saw two male lions rushing towards the leopard.

At last, he was in a good position to film the sight once again. Of the two lions, one started climbing up the tree to grab the leopard’s kill. The scene was quite amazing. The lion swang his paw to snatch the kill, but the leopard went higher up on the tree in order to get rid of the lion. Higher up on the tree, the branches were thin. Graeme was amazed to see that the leopard kept on climbing up on weak branches.

The lion was walking on those weak branches carrying the kill with him, which was incredible. He didn’t want to see any piece of the kill in the lion’s mouth. Soon the lion realized that he couldn’t win against the leopard. So, he decided to climb down. Graeme found it funny to watch the lion in this awkward position.

Eventually, the lion was back on the ground with the other lion, and both returned to where they came from. After a few minutes, the leopard climbed down on a bigger branch and started enjoying his skill.

Graeme’s heart was pumping. It was an amazing experience for him to see a lion and leopard at the same place, and the interaction between the two beasts was just mind-blowing.a

It was Graeme’s first experience to see a lion climb onto a tree in an attempt to snatch a leopard’s kill. After a few minutes, he drove away wondering whether it was a dream or reality.

We can’t predict what is going to happen in the jungle. So, the nature tests our patience. Graeme watched the leopard stalking his prey for more than 30 minutes. He had no idea what was going to happen next. He was not alone. Other guides lost patience and drove away. They were unaware of the presence of two other predators hiding in the reeds. As soon as Graeme spotted the two lions, he got into position, turned on his camera to film the scene. In such situations, your camera should be always ready.

Most of the other people got bored as they lost visual over and over again. The moment the lions ran quickly towards the tree, another group in the car next to them got very excited. They can be heard in the video below. Graeme held his nerve and kept on filming the scene. “My heart was going a hundred miles an hour,” said Graeme.