Kids Field Trip To The Zoo Takes A Dark Turn When 2 Silverback Gorillas Throw Down

Boxing is a highly popular sport around the world. From mixed martial artists to actual boxers, it is employed by everyone. The best part is that it has been refined for so long that practically anyone can now box. Yes, I am talking about the scrawny kids in your neighborhood too! However, these kids were a LITTLE bigger in size. And by bigger, I mean about 20 times bigger. Nope, they are not men. They are GORILLAS!!

We do not know what got these 2 into a fighting mood, but the result is for everyone to see. As for the inference, people all over the world are claiming that this proves that Darwin was right. After all, 2 gorillas fighting: if this does not prove the survival of the fittest, what does?

This is something you would probably expect at the local pub on a Saturday night. And boy oh boy, do they go at each other. Seeing them, you would probably think that they were trained by professionals, and were going for the world championship title (which any athlete would probably gladly hand over in exchange for being spared his life!)

The clip was recorded at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska by Shannon Olsen. And being the kind people that we are all today, this person shares this clip for everyone to see and take part in the glory of these 2 majestic fighters.

Keep in mind that this is not for the weak hearted. In fact, after the fight starts, one of the gorillas can be clearly seen to chase the other around down a hill until he reaches him. And as has been dictated since the time immemorial, the attacker then beats the daylight out of him. Of course, the victim does try to retaliate, but frankly, these are 2 much larger than life gorillas we are talking about. Even if we tried, we could not sympathize with either of them. And as our good old Sir Darwin has foretold beforehand, this is all part of a much bigger plan anyways.

At the end, whatever the cause for the fight may have been, the result is that we got to see something that is not only quite impossible but quite professional. 2 huge beasts lunging at each other while wildly out of control is not even seen in the UFC ring (and there are some really serious fights that go on in there).

Oh, and did we mention the growls and the threats and the various shows of power that the gorillas had after they finished? They clearly do NOT like each other. There is even a woman who can be heard repeating “where’s the Zookeepers?” in the video. Eventually, the 2 do cool down when one of them simply walks away, but all of it was beyond grand. Check out the full video below if you dare. Do not say we did not warn you!