Instagram Model & Adult Film Star, World’s Hottest Cocaine Smugglers Busted

Smuggling drugs is a risky business. Get it right and you’ll make a tidy profit. Get it wrong and you could be holed up in filthy prisons in third-world countries, lined up against a wall and shot to death, or, perhaps worst of all, strip-searched by a guy with massive hands.

With all that in mind, you’d think discretion might be the better part of valour if you did insist on taking the chance. Not so. At least not for Isabelle Lagace and Melina Roberge…

These two Canadians with shady pasts seemed to think there could be no harm in smuggling their drugs in lavish fashion.

Aboard a luxurious cruise-ship, the two traveled in style – documenting their trip on Instagram – as they neared their fateful arrival in Sydney. Between the two of them, they carried a whopping 35 kilograms of cocaine.

Another accomplice carried 60 kilos. Combined, the total value of the drugs is estimated to be worth approximately 23 million dollars.

Authorities called it the biggest ever seizure of drugs coming through a passenger boat or airport. As mentioned before, you’d think some discretion would be a good idea.

Thanks to the girls’ flaunting of their trip on Instagram, the Canadian Border Service, US Department of Homeland Security and Australian Federal Police tracked the cruise ship on its opulent journey and met their ship, the MS Sea Princess when it docked in Sydney.

The result: Roberge is staring down the barrel of nearly eight years in prison. Lagace, who made an early guilty plea, faces has just shy of five years.

Both will be deported when their sentences are complete. During their trial, Roberge told the court she risked a life sentence in an Australian prison for “the opportunity to take selfies in exotic locations and post them on Instagram to receive ‘likes’ and attention.”

Judge Traill, who sentenced the smugglers, said, “It is sad they seek to attain such a vacuous existence where how many likes they receive are their currency,” and that, “This highlights the negative influence of social media on young women.”