Footage Of The Lion Attack On Tourists In Vehicles

This footage shows the moment an adult lion attacks a vehicle with his paw after a mating session!

Mark Williams-Wynn, a 29-year-old chemical engineer described his story to LatestSightings. He experienced the sighting near Skukuza on the H12.


For Mark, it was a strange drive in the park. He was on the H4-1, which is an ideal road for tourists who want to enjoy predator sightings.

He was about to go back when another car told him to opt for the H12 turnoff to see some predators. Mark was happy that he would be able to see something interesting. As soon as he got there, he saw a pair of big cats standing on the road. Since the road was blocked by the cats, many cars stopped behind each other creating a mess. So, Mark waited for his turn to get closer and enjoy the view.


He wanted to “do it” with the lioness but the lioness didn’t seem ready for the affair. After a few failed attempts, the male lion got away from her and looked at the people in the nearby car. Mark took out his camera to film the scene hoping to record something interesting.

All of a sudden, the lion stood up on his back legs and attacked the car. Then he looked back at the lioness as if to say how brave he was.

The tourists in the car didn’t do anything wrong. Luckily their windows were not down or a disaster could have happened. The lion chose to attack the vehicle because it was the closest one. The driver of the car was not afraid at all.

After a few minutes, the lion went away and people forgot about the attack. Soon a few new vehicles showed up on the road. The lioness sat in the shade of another safari vehicle allowing the tourists to take photos and videos of her. Once again, the lion decided to see if the “girl” was ready for a mating session.

This time, the nearby vehicle didn’t have windows as it was an open top vehicle. The good thing was that the driver was smart. The moment the lion laid his eyes on the driver, he started the vehicle and drove off to save the tourists. In fact, he almost hit the other car to save his guests from the predator’s attack. Mark was not lucky enough to record this attack.

This was the scariest sighing Mark had experienced during his holidays in the park. The behavior of the lion was not predictable at all. He had no idea of what the lion was going to do next. Post the second attack, the tourists decided the leave the lion alone. So, Mark also drove off to find something else.

It’s common to come across lions mating in the middle of the road. However, this was the first time Mark had seen a lion attacking vehicles. The good was that the windows of all vehicles were up. From this incident, it is clear how dangerous and unpredictable these wild animals can be.