Dude Gets Merked By A Trump Supporter At Trump’s ‘New’ Walk of Fame Star

One of the jewels in the crown of reaching Hollywood stardom is to have a star on the illustrious ‘Walk of Fame’ in Los Angeles. The walk features some of the of the great names in entertainment like John Travolta, Frank Sinatra, and yes, Donald Trump. Trump’s services to Miss America and The Apprentice saw him as fit to have his own star, and once he began to spout politically controversial rhetoric, the star began an easy target for vandals.

A few years ago a man smashed up the star as if it personified the President. Since then it has become something of a novelty for Trump haters to go to smash up his star. Recently another man took a pickaxe to the concrete and metal piece and was remanded in custody. In a twist, the an originally smashed the star was the one who came to bail out the latest offender.



Despite its ruined appearance, thousands of tourists and locals flock to the star each day. It is nearly more noteworthy since it is the target of such passionate attacks to see the star in a ruined state than identical to the hundreds that stand alongside it. When demonstrators from a YouTube channel staged a social experiment at the star to see if they could goad the crowd into a reaction, they ended up getting more than they bargained for.

The controversial piece was produced by Rob Schaffer and starred singer Joy Villa. The pair set up a cardboard cutout of Trump, and waited, filming the blank moments of “peace,” noted by the cameraman. As the video was live-streamed, people with opposing views began to express their opinions about Trump.



“The point of the channel is to use the Socratic method to get people to answer why they believe what they believe,” Schaffer told The Washington Post. They finally got their reaction when Real Snake Boy took the bait, but when security got involved things took a serious turn. Apparently one of them is a Marine and seriously knows how to handle himself.