Caged Siberian Tiger Looking For Payback Goes For The Zookeeper’s Throat

‘It was like in a dream… I gave him my hands so he wouldn’t rip my throat’ the Russian zookeeper reveals her last thoughts of her children as she waited to die. Russian zookeeper Nadezhda Srivastava forgot to lock the gate when she was tending to animals.

The extremely experienced zookeeper was pounced on by a massive tiger who nearly took her life. Mother-of-three has emotionally described moment she thought she would die:

Nadezhda Srivastava:
‘In a few moments I saw the tiger, standing half of metre from me, He approached very quietly, I did not expect this and had no time to react… let alone run away.”

Nadezhda Srivastava:
‘At first I tried to speak to him – like, ‘Go away’, or ‘Let me go’. I hoped that he would retreat. Then I was like in a dream, and did not fully realize what was going on. Taifun pushed me down on the ground. He was not growling, he was not furious, he just bit me, gnawing my hands.’