An Angry Elephant Charges Down A Boat Full Of Tourists

On the Chobe river, a peaceful river safari was about to turn into a horrific accident when an elephant charged and hit the boat.

Su-annuller-Marais told the whole story to


The radio and TV presenter was with a group of tourists on a boat. They made the mistake to visit the Kasane area in order to celebrate Su-anMuller’Marais’s mother’s 60th birthday. They were on the boat in search of wildlife when they saw some boats circling around a big elephant. The elephant was wading in the river.

Since elephants don’t like the loud noise of boat engines, they shut off the engine to slow down the boat right away. The river was overflowing with water and the strong current pushed their boat towards the elephant. They were so close to the animal that they could hear the breathing, chewing and plucking of it. They had feelings of fear and admiration for the animal at the same time.


She was about to record the sighting, the elephant charged! When they saw the bull wading towards their boat, they got scared. Actually, they were expecting the engine to start up so that they could drive away. Their guide has something else to do. The noise of the engine may upset the bull even more. The charged could have hit the boat attacking the tourists. The elephant looked mad as it pushed their boat away. The on-board tourists wet their pants in a lot of fear. They had no idea of what was about to happen.

They thought they were lucky enough to spot an elephant in the river. They were in awe and shock when they found themselves and the boat safe and sound. She even congratulated her mother-in-law on her 60th birthday on “behalf of the Chobe elephants”. (she was being sarcastic). She was thankful for being able to celebrate her life as it could be her last birthday.

To them, this was a great visit. Now, they had even more respect for the wild animals. In fact, they felt honored to be able to experience the abundance of life of a country that gives great respect to its tourists. They are proud of their country and know the value for tourist for their economy.

At first, it seemed a good idea to stay in the boat regardless of the consequences; however, it was difficult to make a decision. Fortunately, their guide was well-informed and knew what he was up to. They had to keep their cool and wet their pants in silence. Alternatively, they could grab a bottle of whiskey as her sister-in-law did. 🙂