A Pack Of Wolves Get Eaten Alive By A Savage Family Of Bears At Sold Out Zoo

Visitors to the Dierenrijk zoo, in the Netherlands, were witnesses to a horrific and violent attack by a sloth of four brown bears who tore a female wolf to pieces right before their eyes. “The two-year-old she-wolf came out of the water with another wolf when she was attacked by the bear,” a zoo spokesperson told the NL Times. The attack took place in Mierlo near Eindhoven on Monday.

Whilst horrified visitors looked on, the wolf pack tried to defend their fallen friend from the attacks, but it was not enough, and it was completely destroyed. “The visitors warned the caretakers, but the she-wolf was already dead,” the spokesperson added, calling it a “fatal accident.” Visitors, including young children, were shaken by the brutality and were offered aid by the zoo.


Bears and wolves share the same habitat in the wild and several zoos across Europe, including Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire, have housed them together without any problems. Dierenrijk zoo said this is the first time anything like this has happened and it will not separate the animals which have lived together for more than a year.


The visitor who filmed the shocking killing said: ‘I did not notice what was happening until I started filming. ‘Fifteen minutes before we had been looking at the bears and took a nice picture of one sitting on the bench right in front of the window. ‘Then we saw the wolves running wildly towards the water. The bears were already in there with one of the wolves.



‘At first we thought they were playing until we saw the wolf’s head. Then we took our baby away. ‘There were several children who were screaming. ‘After about four or five minutes the caretakers came and told us that they were trying to lure away the bears.


‘Then we left because the wolf was just in front of the window with his guts out.’ According to Dierenrijk, there have never been incidents before, also not in other zoos. The zoo will therefore not take any additional measures. Damn nature, you scary.