In Botswana’s Moremi Game Reserve, a pack of wild dogs surrounded a lioness. They were after the cubs of the lioness. In this dramatic video, we can see the predator roaring at the dogs in an attempt to fight them off.

The dogs, however, kept on harassing her with high-pitched sounds. When she tried to get one of them by the throat, the other dogs attacked her.


Due to their fight, a dust cloud blocked the view. She tangled with the pack but broke herself free after a bit of effort. Some dogs sank their teeth into the lioness’s lower back, while others were biting her sides.

After a while, the big cat got one of the dogs by the throat. Within the blink of an eye, the entire pack of dogs attacked her.


As the beasts moved towards the lioness, she roared and got ready to fight back. The dogs were circuiting her. In the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, some tourists were sitting in the off-road vehicles watching the battle.

As they stopped their attack, they headed towards the cub of the lioness. After having a few circles, the dogs focused on the lioness again. However, this time, she growled to warn them that she was serious and determined to kill them if they didn’t stop. After a few bits of yelp, the beasts got together close to a mound while the lioness sat a few meters away.

The lioness was bruised and battered as she was repelling the wild dogs, for the time being. After a bit, the pack got back to attack the big cat from behind and sank their teeth into her back.

The video below was recorded by Shalin Fernando, a 33 years old tourist. He told Latest Sighting that they spend around an hour with the big cat and her cub. Afterward, we looked for the pack of dogs. After a while, someone told them there were some wild dogs stalking a few impalas. So, they headed back to the same site.

When they got there, they saw the same wild dogs attacking the big cat and her cub. She had nothing to say and was worried about the cub of the lioness. The guide informed the tourists that none of her previous cubs had survived. The battle continued for a few minutes and then the dogs gave up and got away. Now, the big cat and her cub were in good hands.

The following day they came across the same dogs once again in the same spot. One of the dogs was limping as he was bitten. The Moremi is located in the Okavango Delta Game Reserve, which is home to some of the most endangered species of mammals, such as African lion, wild dog, black rhino, white rhino, and cheetah.

Africa’s wild dogs are on the list of most endangered species of wild animals in some parts of the content. However, in other places like Okavango Delta, you can find a large population of these dogs. Often, these wild dogs have battles with local lions in an attempt to snatch food.