1 Old Leopard Must Fight For His Life Versus 4 Starving Hyenas

Spotted hyenas can fight and kill most of the animals that they eat. Striped hyenas are usually scavengers. Typically, hyenas are smart enough to drive off bigger predators like lions and leopards from their kills.

Hyenas have a reputation for being cowardly, which is not true. Basically, they are nocturnal animals and get out of their lairs early in the morning in search of food. Spotted hyenas are highly sociable, while others are not gregarious. They live in groups and get together at kills.


In the Kruger National Park, Fransie Booysen, 57, filmed this sighting on the H14 around 12 kilometers from the H9. This old leopard was injured and out of luck. It could barely walk when a clan of hyenas passed by. The clan decided to grab this opportunity and attack this old predator without killing any time.

Fransie told the whole story to LatestSightings.com.


They spend the entire day in the park in their vehicle and spotted a lot of small game animals. At around 3:30 in the afternoon, they spotted these beasts in the park. Fransie noticed that the leopard was very thin and weak. Plus, it was injured and unable to move around without limping. The hyenas surrounded the poor old cat and dragged it by its tail.

She could see that the big cat was in serious trouble. Not everyone gets a chance to witness this type of sighting every day. According to Fransie, she never saw this type of sighting despite the fact that she stayed right outside the park for more than a decade and visited the park every week. So, it was a rare sighting for her.

As the sighting started to unfold, she was scared. This incident was quite cruel and disturbing. Tears started flowing down her cheeks. However, she knew that this is how nature works. She was watching as the hyenas continued to bite the leopard dragging it by the tail. For her it was cruelty, but for the hyenas, it was fun.

Eventually, the hyenas got tired and back off a bit. The leopard was struggling to get into the nearby culvert as he was badly injured. The hyenas got into the culvert chasing the leopard. They could only hear them, but not see them anymore. Fransie had no idea if the leopard could see another day. Based on the situation, it was clear that the destiny of the poor leopard was sealed.

“Always take in the greatness of the surroundings you are in no matter how hard they might be to handle”.