Wild Queen Boar And Her Kids Terrorize An Elementary School


Can you imagine a big wild boar with her three little heirs to scan garbage for food? Mind you, this incidence did not take place in a wild area but in the heart of a city like Hong Kong. Spotted just a few yards from a nearby Primary school, the giant queen boar and her three tiny toddlers left the people awe-struck. It seemed the animal mother had reported in the school premises to teach some lessons to her young ones.

While it was an extraordinary sight, it could have turned lethal, as the boars can be very dangerous. In fact, when they are with the young ones, they could perceive the nearby people as a potential threat as a possible boar attack might loom large. In this case, school kids were the most vulnerable to such devastating attack.


Surprisingly, this wasn’t the lone boar sighting in Hong Kong, where 518 wild boars were sighted in 2016. That’s staggering. Another serious incidence of this nature was witnessed in Hong Kong when a 50 kgs boar entered the tarmac area of city air port in December 2016. It was apprehended only after the entire days of labor.


While some parents were worried about the safety of their kids, some had a different opinion. One comment said – ‘Boars were only hungry and they have the right to feed themselves and their young ones’. Others were critical of Hyung-Hyung’s primary school as their utmost priority is to safeguard the wellbeing of their little ones.