Watch Joe Rogan Take Out A Massive Elk Then Butcher And Eat It With Bryan Callen

So, here is what they describe the whole process. We have a lot of meat on the bone and we need to take it off the bone. So it’s time to de-bone the meat. We are butchering. We are doing what’s called a team butcher effort and I’ve been designated the guy who picks the hair off the meat.

And so this is what I do this with these fingers and I go like this, and it’s a slow laborious process. Joe’s wrapping the meat. Steve is cutting the meat.


I always like to say that hunting is a way to go from A to Z. you hunt for it and z would be eaten. So, to do the full process, you want to cut it up yourself. if we label all this the way I’m talking about, you’ll be able to check with me at any time and be like this says this and I’ll be able to tell you what’s up with it.

What I usually do with these is like autumn in the states but freeze it whole, because that allows me to do whatever I want with it. You could cut it as a steak now but I don’t like to because then just increases the surface area and then it just has more likely to get freezer burn, so I will take it later and go steak, steak, steak. All right. So we’re all cutting real thick and hammering flat and make veal Parmesan later. So just this way I just know that I can do whatever I want with it.


I don’t need to make up my mind right now. I hate the idea of sending this to a butcher shop. There was one thing that I felt it was left out of the last trip, that was the actual butchering of the deer and packaging it you know because we sent it to a butcher and I got it back and it was labeled with a computer.

I was like who knows what happened to that. Who knows if that’s even my animal. To be able to hunt, kill, skin and then butcher your own meat is truly like that whole comprehensive experience is kind of what you want to say did. No!