Warthog Thought It Was Safe To Take A Quick Bath At The Pond

This African wild pig thought it was safe to take a bath at the pond of the nearby lodge. But it was not. In fact, it turned a bit graphic.

Rudi Venter, a 31 years old private safari guide told his story to LatestSightings.com. He works in the tour guide industry as an aspiring freelance safari guide.


He had heard that a pack of wild dogs was sleeping in the waterhole near the lodge. He suggested that the guests should spend the afternoon with the wild dogs with the hope that the pack will get active and go out to look for food. Typically, wild predators don’t get out to hunt when it’s too hot.

After a while, the temperature dropped and the wild dogs got up and starting moving here and there. They were getting more excited. Rudi and the tourists got ready to see the action. However, the pack lay down again after a few minutes.


They thought that the dogs might need to get some more rest as the temperature was still high. They were not aware of the two warthogs that were getting closer to the waterhole to drink water. At that moment, the pack of dogs sat down in complete silence waiting for the warthogs to come closer. When Rudi took a closer look, he saw that one of the pigs was quite younger. Chances were that the dogs would chase him instead as smaller animals are easier to handle than the bigger ones. Rudi and the tourists sat in silence waiting for the preys get closer.

The warthogs approached the waterhole when they noticed the presence of wild dogs. However, it was too late by then. All of the wild dogs got together and surrounded the warthog. The adult one ran away to save his life. The warthog got into the water in the help to protect himself from the predators but it didn’t work. The beasts sank their teeth into the skin of the pig dragging him out of the water. The adult dogs allowed the younger ones to practice their skills on the warthog. Soon they were able to kill the prey and feed together.

This is what mother nature did in front of them all. Not everyone gets a chance to witness this type of encounters every day. It’s not easy to watch wild predators kill other animals, especially those tourists who have a weak heart.

As a guide, Rudi and the tourists were lucking enough to spend a good deal of time with mother nature and get the most out of these sightings. Since he knows what can happen when predators hunt other animals, he always prepares the tourists for the upcoming situation. It’s not easy for all types of guests to watch an animal getting killed.