VIDEO | Pack Of Wild Dogs Go To War With One Savage Hyena In A Fight Of The Ages

Hyenas would have to be the most annoying dogs on the planet. Think of a 10-year-old bully who makes annoying jibes at everyone in sight, but runs away when someone stands up to him and times it by a hundred! They laugh, they snarl, but when push comes to shove, hyenas run for the hills. In the clip below two lionesses have settled down by the banks of a river where they have just knocked off two zebras and are tucking into some nice, freshly killed dinner. But they have barely picked up their knives and forks before some bastard hyenas have rocked up.

Like the annoying ex-boyfriend who won’t leave a poor girl alone on a date, the hyena has not rocked up alone. Instead, he’s brought about thirty of his mates along to tease, taunt and annoy the happy Les-lions into abandoning their meal. But they are not going to leave without a fight. As the first lioness lets out a huge roar, she runs menacingly at the cackle of hyenas who scatter like cowards.


King Of The Jungle: 1 Lion Takes On 27 Hyenas All By Herself

Sure, the lion has a bit of a size advantage, but the dogs’ numbers should be able to take her out. You can hear them laughing, the little sh*ts as they know they are getting under her skin. But as they scatter a few of them get around the back. But instead of attacking her, they bypass and go over to the zebras to get a feed. Known as scavengers, hyenas are notorious for eating the scraps from lions’ kills but this is a rare insight into how they work as a team to get more meat.

As they approach the dead zebras, the other lioness springs into action attempting to scare them off. An exchange back and forth ensues until the lions has had enough and abandon their meal. The viewer is left pretty annoyed that the lions didn’t prevail or at least take a chunk out of one of the annoying brats! Check out the footage below!