Turns Out The Cougar A Colorado Jogger Killed With Bare Hands Was A Cub

Last month an incredible story about a 31 year old jogger named Travis Kauffman was attacked by a Cougar on a trail in Colorado.

The Cougar was believed to be 120-140 pounds and his tale of choking it out with his foot went viral and he became an immediate hero.



Now that the Cat’s body has been found, it has been discovered that it was a 20-30 pound 3 month old starving kitten.

Kauffman explaining the incident and retracing his steps to the attack site. Wildlife officials praised him for defending himself against the dangerous predator despite it being a young juvenile

It is possible that the Kitten had already been savaged by his siblings and was starving when it came across Kauffman on the trail. Check it out: