Woman Covers Face In Menstrual Blood “Periods Are Beautiful and Powerful”

Millennial Demetra Nyx from California who works as a sex choach smeared menstrual blood on her face to prove that periods are ‘beautiful and powerful’. https://www.instagram.com/p/Br9HmPgn1Av/ She posted the powerful images on social media to share the knowledge and to stand against the stigma around periods, which sees them portrayed as dirty and taboo. https://www.instagram.com/p/BlF-C0vHyJP/... Continue Reading →

A Brave Woman Rescues The World’s Largest Spider In Queensland

Images have went viral online showing a giant huntsman spider crawling over a broom. The images were taken at an animal rescue farm in Queensland’s Brisbane Valley of Australia. The colossal creepy crawly is bound to look like a waking nightmare to anyone with a fear of spiders. https://www.facebook.com/barnyardbettysrescue/posts/1496196283848811 "Beautiful Charlotte the spider, one of... Continue Reading →