Monster 16 Foot Shark Demolishes A Photographers Boat Just Like ‘JAWS’

A series of photos have captured the moment a monstrous great white shark lunges out of the water, coming within centimetres of a photographer's hand

A 26 year old commercial abalone diver, Luke Thom had an amazing and terrifying encounter with a 16 foot great white shark.

The photographer said he was inspired by a fearless friend who insisted on getting up close and personal with the one tonne beast

While taking underwater photos, the shark lunged out of the water to bite within inches of his hand.


Commercial abalone diver Luke Thom caught the moment with a camera he was dangling over a shark cage

Luke Thom:
“I was watching Andrew Fox taking these incredible photos of great white sharks so I thought I’d try to get a shot of him getting his photo because of how close he gets to them with the fish-eye camera.”

The fearsome 1360 kilogram beast baring its razor-sharp teeth as it bites the corner of their metal cage

Luke Thom:
“Holy s**t is probably the most common reaction. I see a story and a moment in the photo.”


He says the most common reaction he gets from the photos is 'holy s**t'

Luke Thom:
“It’s not like watching a video. You can look at a photo and imagine what is going on. These sharks are pretty incredible animals and they need protection and minimal human impact.”