Lions Enjoy A Tasty Warthog Until A Pack Of Savage Hyenas Arrive On The Scene

These lions were eating a warthog alive when a group of hyenas showed up to join the party.

A game ranger called Gullum Gowar was at the scene filming the sighting. If you have ever been on a safari, you know that lions tend to spend the hot hours of the day sleeping under the shade of trees. But these lions were hunting during these hot hours.


In the early morning, Gullum and the guests saw the lions. So, after a coffee break, they decided to look for the predators. They thought that they might be resting in the same shady spot, but what happened next proved them wrong. The two beasts were stretching and yawning. Usually, lions do so when they are getting ready to go on the hunt. Soon, they saw them heading towards a nearby watering hole.

The lions’ outward behavior changed as they began stalking a herd of impala moving near a dense thicket. They switched the vehicle off and watched from a few meters away so that the prey pr predator don’t get scared. There was a lot of noise and dust. To their amazement, the predators had managed to catch a warthog. They were expecting it to be an impala, but, somehow, all of the impalas ran away. Anyhow, there was something to see for them.


The pig screamed and fought back for around 15 minutes. Although it was a small pig, it’s determination was impressive as it kept on struggling to get away from the predators. The noises caught the attention of hyenas nearby. At first, only three of them showed up at the spot. In the next few moments, their number grew to 15. This sight was really incredible to see.

At first, the hyenas tried to challenge the lions with laughs and cackles, but it didn’t help. Soon, they began surroundings the lions and commenced the fight. After a while, one of the predators left and the other lionesses resisted for a few more seconds before leaving the spot. In the meantime, they received a couple of bites before getting away. It didn’t take the hungry group of hyenas more than a few seconds to eat up the warthog’s scraps.

Gullum said, “This was probably my best sighting ever. Seeing a predator on predator interaction is special enough but to have a kill in it that makes it once in a lifetime.”