Hero Buffalo Launches A Lion 20 Feet Into The Air Trying To Save A Lizard

You may have seen a lion chasing and attacking a buffalo. But have you ever seen a buffalo hitting a lion and throwing it into the air? This lion did 3 flips before landing on the ground.

Sune Eloff, a 32-year-old business System Manager was driving in the Kruger National Park. She came across a young lion and a buffalo a few meters away from her vehicle. The young cat was chasing a monitor lizard when something funny happened. An interesting event was waiting for her.


Sune Eloff and other tourists stayed at Sunset dam for a while where they watched impala drinking water. It was a beautiful sight. After a while, they decided to move on and spotted a couple of big cats resting in the riverbed. All of them were calm and peaceful. However, all of a sudden, all of them got up and headed towards the nearby reeds.

At that time, Sune took her camera out as the Lions were staring at something that they were not aware of. In fact, they had no idea what was going to happen. One of the young cats went into the reeds in search of something. After a while, the lion appeared once again. But this time, he had a lizard in his mouth. This is what the lions were trying to locate. From this moment onward, the real event started to unfold.


A few yards away, some buffaloes were grazing. One of them saw had seen the lion capturing the lizard and taking it out of the reeds. The buffalo ran towards the lion as if he knew that the poor lizard needs his help.

To their amazement, the buffalo got his big horns under the young lion and threw him into the air. Without any doubt, it was a crazy idea. The buffalo was not scared at all despite knowing that there were many other lions nearby.

Sune had mixed feelings. It was an overwhelming experience. In fact, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. She felt sorry for the young cat. Fortunately, the lion was smart enough to get out of the situation by running away. The other three male buffaloes was still charged, and they searched the reeds many times but the lions had run far away.

Sune had never seen anything like that in her life even though she has been a regular Kruger visitor since childhood. It’s was a great first-time experience.