Bear Mauls A Forest Official During A Rescue Mission Gone Horribly Wrong

This horrific video was recorded when a bear mauled the officer and jumped into the water behind him. The incident happened during a rescue mission.

  • Kumar, the forest worker, was mauled by a bear in India
  • The bear was videoed walking around the water reservoir in an Indian state Andhra Pradesh.
  • During the rescue mission, the bear broke the ropes it was tied with and ran towards Kumar.
  • The other officers threw stones at the beast in an attempt to divert his attention from Kumar
  • The effected forest officer was taken to Kurnool General hospital for medical attention.

The terrifying footage shows a black bear running after the officer. The officer jumped into the water but in vain.


Kumar wanted to drive the animal away from the water reservoir and take it to the nearby forest. Kumar along with other forest officers had managed to corner the animal and tie it up with strong ropes. But something went wrong and the bear broke free. The officer Kumar was badly mauled by the animal while he was making an effort to rescue it in Andhra Pradesh India.

The bear jumped into the water in an attempt to get away from the workers who was trying to capture him. As soon as the bear set himself free, he ran after Kumar who jumped into the reservoir to save his life.


Kumar jumped into the water but the bear followed him. The bear was attacking the office while other workers were throwing stones at the beast to distract him. They transport Kumar to Kurnool General Hospital where he is recovering from the injuries. Other forest workers and local villagers got back to the rescue mission and captured the bear. Finally, they managed to release the bear back in the forest.