American Businessman Claims He Killed Tje 2 Baby Elephants In ‘Self Defense’

Atlanta, Georgia’s TopGen Energy partner in, Mike Jines, is seen holding gun over two dead elephants.

The hunt took place in October 2018 and photos were shared on his social media accounts in January.


Jines, a partner with TopGen Energy in Alpharetta, Georgia, made the claim after the photos went viral on social media and critics started targeting his business

Social media users have called the photos ‘horrible’, ‘sad’ and ‘sickening’ and some have threatened Jines and called for boycott of his company .

Jines also said that the animals were shot in full compliance with laws and regulations in both Zimbabwe and the US

Jines is now claiming that the two elephants were shot dead in self-defense as they were charging at him so he shot them.


Thousands of social media users have accused Jines and professional hunter, Max 'Buzz' Delezenne, of killing two baby elephants on an African 'trophy' hunt in Zimbabwe