A Savage Grizzly Bear Charges At Hunters While They’re Live-Streaming On Facebook!

The video shows the mother bear attacking two hunters who were on their own in the Canadian wilderness miles away from their home.

  • Shannon Long headed to the wilderness with his friend Caleb Invidiata to hunt a bear
  • They spotted a female bear and a few cubs on their first day of trip.
  • The mother ran towards the hunters at full speed
  • Fortunately, the hunters managed to scare off the predator who got back to her cubs

This shocking moment was recorded on video when two hunters were attacked by the mother in the wilderness.


Shannon Long and Caleb Invidiata had planned a 5-day trip in the Canadian wilderness with an intent to hunt down a bear. On the very first day of their trip, they were attacked by an angry mother bear.

The hunters sat down overlooking a trail. Actually, the set some bait to grab the eyes of bears.


Around a few minutes later, Caleb looked over his shoulder and informed Shannon that the bear was right there. But Shannon couldn’t see the bear as his view was blocked by a few bushes. So, he thought the beast was heading back to the bait when, in fact, she was going to attack them.

She leave the barrel alone, flanked around, put her cubs in a safer location and ran towards the two guys. In the GoPro video, you can see the bear running.

The footage shows the dead fall that the dead fall that Caleb fall back into, while the bear was jumping on to attack him. At first, she didn’t spot Shannon standing right next to Caleb because her eyes were fixed on Caleb. Shannon kicked her in the face to divert her attention so Caleb could get away, which scared her.

She got into defensive mode and had no idea who she should focus her attention on.

In the video, you can see Shannon get closer to the bear when she backs off the first time but gets back to attack once again. Shannon trips while his friend gets out of the deadfall, grabs an arrow to stab the bear.

Since she was outnumbered, both the friends were yelling, and one of them got onto a log to look bigger to the bear, the fight ended. The videos shows the bear looking left and right to ensure it was safe to run away. ‘If we were not together that night we do believe she wouldn’t stop trying to maul one of us.’