17 Pound Baby Born Through Natural Birth Breaks Every World Record

A new baby girl has tipped the scales in Germany and may have entered herself into the record books.


An image released by the Associated Press (above) shows baby Jasleen, who came into this world on December 25th weighing roughly 17.47 pounds and 22.5 inches (57.5 centimeters) long. She was pictured in the intensive care ward of the University Hospital in Lepzig, Germany.



Baby Jasleen is considered to have macrosomia, a definition for being born in the top tenth percentile in weight of all babies. Typically, that’s a baby more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces, according to the Mayo Clinic.

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The clinic adds that fetal macrosomia makes a vaginal delivery difficult and could injury the baby during birth. These children are often delivered through cesarean procedures. However, this baby was born naturally, according to her doctors.



“A particularly heavy baby was born yesterday at the University Clinic in Leipzig,” the hospital said in a July 26 statement translated for CBSNews.com. Her weight made her “the heaviest German child to have been delivered naturally,” according to the statement.


Professor Holger Stepan, director of obstetrics at the University Hospital Leipzig, said in the statement that doctors thought the baby was going to be big, so they put together a medical team of additional pediatricians, surgeons and midwives to be prepared for any possible complications. An anesthesiologist and caesarean specialist were also on standby, and were not needed.