16-Year-Old Hero Fought A Bear With Bare Hands To Save His Cousin Has Been Found Dead

  • Rodion and Boris were stopped by a bear on the way to their village in Kamchatka peninsula.
  • When the predator ran towards Boris first, Rodion ran the other way to distract the bear’s attention
  • Soon a rescue time arrived, shot the bear down and found Rodion’s body nearby
  • Rodion deserves a posthumous award for his incredible bravery

A 16-year-old teen died a “hero” when he distracted an attacking bear to save his younger cousin’s life.

His cousin escaped but Rodio Burakov was mauled and killed by the aggressive bear in eastern Russia.


The brown bear had buried the dead body below twigs and fallen leaves before the rescue team arrived at the scene. The younger cousin of the poor boy had informed them after surviving the attack.

Afterwards, a search party found the wild animal and shot it down.


The disturbing footage shows one of the paramedics discovered the dismembered corpse of the poor boy.

The female paramedic felt his pulse to find out if the body was still alive. She had no idea that the lower limb of the boy was cut off and his arms were partially cut.

Usually, brown bears cover their prey with branches, mud and other stuff in order to save the prey from other animals. Also, the heat of the ground keeps the corpse warm in order to boost the fermentation process. So, predators find it easier to eat a fermented corpse.

The two boys came across a bear when they were traveling back to their village. It was a 9-mile walk.

According to Boris, the bear ran towards him first but his younger cousin distracted the predator by running into the forest.

So, the brown bear ran after Rodion and let the other boy get away. His cousin was caught and killed by the wild bear.

According to Vladimir Voitsekkhovsky, Boris reached a nearby village fire station and asked for help.

The hunters and firefighters left for the scene right away but couldn’t save Rodion. They were too late.

The rescuers spotted a 3-year-old bear who had buried the corpse of the poor teenager, said the Vladimir. They shot down the bear at once.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee spokesman, the poor boy managed to escape and inform the firefighters of the bear’s attack. His cousin couldn’t fight off the bear and lost his life.

According to the reports from The Siberian Times, the boy had suffered fatal injuries. He had a deep head wound, open skull fractures, partly cut upper limbs and cut off lower limbs.

The local news agencies published news stories praising the selfless act of Boris, the hero.

He deserves a posthumous award for what he did for his younger cousin. Roden’s pals recorded a video in Roden’s memory and ended the video with these lines: ‘We remember, love, grieve. You will forever remain in our hearts. Farewell …’ Boris had a medical checkup but he had not sustained any injuries.